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Operating system & Applications

An operating system or OS is a vital component of the system software in a computer system it is the interface between the computer hardware and the human user. It controls the computers tasks and manages system resources to optimize the performance of the computer. It is the base for any technology. Unix operating systems are widely used in all organizations in servers, workstations, and mobile devices.

The Unix environment and the client–server program model were essential elements in the development of the Internet and the reshaping of computing as centered in networks rather than in individual computers. RRootshell provides various Flavors In open source operating systems & Applications that plays vital role in IMS and we are expert in providing training for

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   Operating system & Applications
   SUN Solaris
  Solaris + VERITAS Volume Manager Administrations
  IBM AIX – System Administration
  HP-UX Administration
    Red Hat Linux
  Redhat Enterprise Linux Administration
   Java & Advanced Java
  Developing Applications using Core Java
  Advanced Java Programming