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Storage is a core function and fundamental component of computers in today world anything and everything is to be stored its being a great challenge for any organization to maintain such large data. If additional capacity or even an additional storage system is needed, that event should be predicted, so it can be properly budgeted and planned for. The ability to use capacity effectively and add it efficiently is the essence of storage management and can lead to significant reductions in hard costs, space requirements and power consumption, while improving the efficiency of storage administrators. And, knowing that all storage is being utilized efficiently, knowing when the next storage upgrade will occur and knowing that data is appropriately protected could even lower the stress level in the environment. So, in some ways, effective storage management could increase job satisfaction and personal productivity.

We provide various flavors in Storage trainings through our Real time Infrastructure

  Introduction of Information Storage and Management
  SAN (Brocade) & Storage (Clariion) Administration
  SAN (Brocade) & Storage (Symmetrix) Administration
  EMC Recovery Point
  Storage (Clariion) Administration
  SAN (Brocade) & Storage (Clariion & Symmetrix) Administration
  Storage (Symmetrix) Administration
  VERITAS Volume Manager 5.x Administration
  VCE VBlock Infrastructure Platforms Administration & Management
  Open Replicator Workshop
  NetApp - Data ONTAP Fundamentals 7.3
  Netapp Data Ontap 8.X Fundamentals
  SAN & IBM Total Storage DS6000 with SVC Administration
  ICSNS – Implementing Cisco Storage Networking Solutions
  Managing HP 3PAR Array Disk
  Hitachi Enterprise Storage Administration