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Open House Workshops

Open House Workshops

We offer training programs to serve individual objectives at low cost and industry applicable trainings for upgrading an individual technical knowledge and skills. These trainings are conducted to encourage people from different organization attending these by paying a reasonable fee per person or even as a group. It is a good way for small to medium organizations to send their employees for knowledge enhancements to these workshop trainings so that they can be competent and motivated through our highly encouraging trainers. While large organizations, can also experience sending their candidates beforehand what workshops are all about before they start in-house trainings for their employees.

Advantages of these open house workshops:

  • Flexible programmes to suite your schedules for upgrading individuals skills.
  • Get experience with the Real-time scenarios and Live data centre practices.
  • Get equip wit latest technologies and tools.
  • Workshops are very interactive and participants an share their knowledge, experience and expertise.
  • Corporate companies can send the nominations to such workshops in small group to save on the time and cost as per their training schedules.
  • Individuals can also nominate for such programs.
  • Schedules are declared well in advance to enable the participants to plan their schedule accordingly.
  • Our modules are designed according to technology standards.
  • We provide you with well researched advanced training content.
  • Our training sessions are very interactive, practical and encourage discussions.
  • Courses run by very experienced facilitators.
  • We provide you with a value for money service.

Who Should attend it :

The Individuals, corporate Groups, Institutional Representatives etc., to enhance and upgrade as well as to achieve the desire objective of the project delivery.

 EMC Storage  EMC SAN, Clariion, Symmetrix (DMX), VNX, V-Max, V-Block
 IBM Storage  IBM DS Series
 Other Storages Netapps  DataOntap Fundamentals
 Backup  Veritas Netbackup, IBM TSM
 Other Backup Tools  EMC Avamar, DataDomain & Bura (in Pipeline)
 Migration Tools  EMC Open Replicator, SAN Copy
 Business Continuity Tools  EMC Recovery Point, SRDF/S, SRDF/A, SRDF/AR, TimeFinder(Mirror/Clone/Snap), MirrorView/S/A, SnapView (Snapshot, Clone)
 Host Based Tools  EMC Power Path, EMC Powerpath, EMC Open Migrator
 Management Tools  Navisphere Manager, SYMCLI, SMC, Brocade CLI, Brocade Fabric Manager & Cisco CLI, Cisco Fabric Manager
 Virtualization  VM Ware, LPAR & LDOMs, Vcloud
 Fabric Administration  Brocade , Cisco
 Clusters  Veritas Clusters, HACMP
 Volume Management  Veritas Volume Manager, LVM & SVM
 UNIX Administration  Solaris, AIX
 BigData – Cloudera Hadoop  Hadoop Administration & Hadoop Development