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Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

The world of interactivity goes beyond traditional marketing by allowing your audience to actively engage in your brand.

We are people passionate about environment as much as we are with the tools and technologies in the Internet and IT infrastructure business we are involved in. We are taking few initiatives that will bring awareness within the team as well as with the clients and partners we deal with, that will contribute to a safe and green planet.

Going green involves proper planning with systematic approach and we attempt to do it at all levels in a phased manner:

As part of the initial phase, we plan to do the following:

  • Reduce Electricity/Power consumption
  • Use recyclable and renewable products and Resources
  • Take initiatives to bring awareness about Green Planet

Reduce Electricity/Power Consumption in the Labs and Datacenters:

  • Upgrade tools and technologies that consume less energy (OS, Monitors, CPU).
  • Upgrade to latest OS (Windows 7, Windows server 2008)
  • Replace CRT Monitors with LCD Monitors
  • Upgradation of motherboards with a processor that uses less energy.
  • Use electric utilities that consume less power (Lights, ACs, UPS)
  • Automate processes to maintain systems in hibernate/sleep/off mode when in not use.
  • Gradual implementation of virtualization technologies.
  • Bring awareness among teams to off the lights/ACs when in not use.

Use recyclable and renewable products and Resources:

  • Decrease usage of paper (or) reuse paper where ever possible
  • Increase the usage of recyclable paper
  • Refill cartridges
  • Discourage use of poly plastic bags

Take initiatives to bring awareness about Green planet

  • Promote Green culture by including Green initiatives in all forms of communication.
  • Conduct Green awareness programs.

All this translates into less energy consumption, lower emissions and a greener IT environment.

These surprisingly affordable solutions provide a sticking difference that saves lots of energy for a safer, greener planet. Not only that, though some of these initiatives requires significant capital investment initially, all these translates in to less energy consumption, lower emissions that saves less current bills.

We are open to exchanging ideas and perspectives that will help us improve in providing better Green initiatives to implement them at all levels as well as to bring awareness among others. Contact Us

Do you know?

  • Switching off your PC, when not in use you can save upto $500 per Year
  • 50% of your PC power is used by your monitor and turning it off when you are downloading something or burning a DVD can save you a lot of power.
  • LCD technology provides up to 70% power savings and provides up to twice the lifespan of CRT monitors