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Rrootshell Staffing Methodology

Rrootshell Staffing Methodology

People are the driving force behind every high performance operation. The ability to attract and retain the right IT professionals is critical to IT’s success and the business’s competitive advantage.

Rrootshell Staffing Methodology Process

Whether you require one IT consultant or a team of highly qualified IT professionals, we leverage our Staffing methodology to assess your talent requirements and deliver the right expertise when, where and how you need it.

Every step of our Staffing Methodology is designed to ensure we quickly and effectively match the right IT professionals with the right opportunities.



What customers say?

"There are a finite number of 'A' Players in the market - and every employer wants them! I'm looking for a partner who can offer local market expertise and help me develop effective talent management strategies."

How we can help:
While our presence spans across in India, we maintain local market expertise. That means we know who the top technical professionals are, where they work, what they earn and what it takes to attract and retain them. Armed with this insight, we can go beyond filling your positions - we can proactively help you plan for them.


What customers say?

"I want my IT Recruiters to really understand my business and culture before they try to fill my positions. This context is what enables them to source, screen and select candidates that are the right fit."

How we can help:

It takes more than a job description and a rate to attract top IT Talent. That is why we invest the time upfront to understand each client's unique business, IT initiatives and corporate culture. This type of intimate knowledge not only allows us to be more  consultative in meeting your needs, but it also helps us build Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) to catch the attention of passive job seekers in high demand.


What customers say?

I want a sourcing expert - a staffing provider that goes beyond brokering resumes from job boards and accesses proven talent quickly."

How we can help:

While many recruiting companies broker resumes from job boards to fill your open positions, our reach equips us with a far more effective approach: referrals and networking. Rrootshell recruiters talk with more than 100,000 IT consultants annually and meet with more than 5000 face-to-face every month. with over half of  the IT workforce in our proprietary database and 20 recruiting specialists, we  have the reach and manpower to undertake intense staffing efforts across a variety of skills and geographic locations


What customers say?

"I'm looking for a provider who can save me the time and hassle of reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates who are not thoroughly screened. I need the right people - not just the best looking resumes."

How we can help:

We thoroughly screen our candidates to validate their qualifications relative to your positions - and we can prove it. Every candidate we submit must first pass through a face-to-face interview, a technical assessment and two supervisory reference checks. We will share the results of each of these screening stages with you; we will even broker discussions between you and the candidates' references should you want to discuss the candidate's qualifications firsthand