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Big Data and Analytics

Big Data and Analytics

Whether Big Data becomes your greatest asset or a huge liability depends on putting the right strategies and solutions in place in the near term.
Big Data is more than just big hardware and lots of data- companies will find significantly more value by knowing why they are collecting data and what answers will most impact the bottom line before starting any Big Data Project. Big Data is a combination three trends that have been exploding in recent years - Big Transaction Data, Big Interaction Data, and Big Data Processing. Rrootshell's Big Data consulting teams have both the business knowledge and the analytics experience to assist with the design and implementation of projects that ask (and answer) the hard questions that will leapfrog you beyond the competition.
At Rrootshell we help you evaluate multiple commercial product vendors and Open source options, so that you can make the best choices, based on your technical and business needs.
The core functions around Big Data & Analytics include:

  • We also help you in implementing the technology roadmap by helping you choose the right technology framework, architecture patterns, tools, PDLC best practices, language and others.
  • Technical experts at Rrootshell help you understand the NoSQL databases, and select the most suitable database as per your requirement.
  • We have an Executor program which is spread across two weeks would help you get started or even more on to the next level.