About Us

Are you looking for an IT and software solutions partner who can …

  • Help you get your products to market faster?
  • Enhance and maintain your enterprise applications?
  • Step in at any stage of the development lifecycle?
  • Augment your staff with hard-to-find IT talent?
  • Understand your industry and local market?

If so, you want Rrootshell.

We’re here to help you cut costs, focus on your core business, and nimbly respond to growth opportunities. You can rely on our knowledge and insights about the industry-specific challenges you face.

Rrootshell is an information technology (I.T.) consulting company specializing in the design and development of quality, innovative information technology solutions for dynamic businesses. With Eight years of professional experience in the areas of information technology, our solutions help organizations to facilitate growth, compete more effectively, reduce costs, and work more efficiently. We are headquartered in  Hyderabad , India. Our executives honed their skills with decades of experience at Oracle in product development and client services, in both Oracle Applications and technology.

Rrootshell understands that technology is not an end in itself for most organizations, and therefore, we seek to design information technology solutions that incorporate an organization’s strategic and business objectives. We build long-term relationships with our clients, engaging each client at a higher level than would be possible otherwise. We back this client-centric focus with outstanding customer service and support, as well as a relentless commitment to quality in all aspects of our business.

Rrootshell  implements a wide range of information technology solutions including custom developed Windows and web solutions, enhancement of existing software applications, software application integration, database management systems, business intelligence, SharePoint Server, Microsoft Office solutions development, and I.T and security infrastructure. Functionally, we focus on CRM, project management, and accounting solutions. We employ highly experienced, certified professionals and utilize best-in-class tools to implement the highest quality information technology solutions.


We will be a Technologically respected Organization that provides best-of-breed end-to-end Business Solutions leveraging technology delivered by the best people.


To enhance business continuity and bottom-line of our clients by providing effective services and solutions at competitive price


We at Rrootshell Technologies are committed to provide effective IT infrastructure Services to enhance the business continuity of our valuable clients by providing effective and comprehensive services and solutions at a competitive price.


Rrootshell firmly stands for its clients on committed to always go the extra mile; we find new ways, always linked to real customer needs and business priorities. Rootshell has a good relationship with its customers.