Managed Services

We Provide Reliable and Stable IT Managed Services. Expedite Business Transformation, Achieve High Availability & Security.

Rrootshell is a strategic IT outsourcing partner

That can help you to transform your IT operations for maximum positive business impact. We have rich experience in ITSM, all-round support for cloud, on-premises, and hybrid infrastructures.

Our Managed Services team has vast expertise in handling the entire Application Landscape that includes development support, maintenance across all the support levels to ensure and guarantee business continuity. We help our customers to focus on their business while we ensure that their applications function seamlessly. Upon reaching a certain level of stability we work on improvements like intelligent automation to accelerate efficiency and reduce human intervention.

Outcomes Of Comprehensive Managed Services

Process Definition and Modelling

Rrootshell provides process architecture design services that caters to the ongoing need of process definition and modelling.

Business Process Execution

Technology driven Business Process Execution (BPE) focuses on the software products which can be used for end-to-end process automation.

Lean Six Sigma Virtual Coaching

Emphasizes hands-on experience for continuous improvement (CI) practitioners for applying Lean Six Sigma techniques to their business problems.

Process Monitoring, Reporting and Analysis

We have the capability of establishing metrics for process performance measurement, measuring process performance on a continuous basis and reporting the behavior of key processes against key performance metrics.

Rrootshell Managed Services Coverage

Cloud Managed Services

We make the cloud work for you. Our expert teams help to implement cloud managed services using a cloud platform. Adding value to boost your efficiencies within your infra is our sole purpose. With our service provider partners, we help you accomplish your network, security operations along with providing mobility, Lifecycle Management, Application agility and scalability.

Cloud Consulting | Cloud Monitoring | Cloud Security | Cloud Management | Cloud Migration

DevOps Services

We help our clients bridge the gap between Development & Operations for an automated software development process. Through our DevOps methodologies and systems, we help to improve the collaboration of teams. We leverage our IT expertise to establish a culture of rapid and reliable software development.

Application Development | Software Lifecycle Management | Infrastructure Support | Application Hosting

Competencies Across Platforms

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